Thursday, December 13, 2012

Huge Convenience - Small Guitar Stand

I have some portable guitar stands from Re-AXE Products called Axe-Handlers. They have such a simple design yet provide me with such a huge convenience.

Being a guitar/bassteacher, I have to put my instrument down a lot when I'm moving around the room where I teach. I used to have to balance my guitar/bass in between some tables and hopefully not knock it over.

Where I sit in my office, I don't really have room to place a traditional guitar stand. With my Axe-Handler, I can place it on any flat surface. Having it on one of the tables that sits next me has provided a safe and reliable place to set my guitar/bass. I've even ran into my instrument a few times when it's been sitting in the Axe-Handler, and the portable stand was more than sturdy enough to prevent my instruments from taking a big spill.

Because of it's small size, it's awesome being able to put my Axe-Handler in my guitar case so I can have it available wherever I go.

I really think this is a must have for any guitar/bass player.

Check out some of these videos to see just how useful this product really is:

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