Friday, December 14, 2012

Weight Resistance While Playing Your Instrument

One of the best tools on the market to help you play faster are RiffBANDZ. RiffBANDZ are basically rubber resistance bands you wear while you play. Building muscle is a great way to increase your speed in anything you do, including playing an instrument.

I started using RiffBANDZ around the summer of 2011. From the moment I started playing while wearing them I was instantly hooked. I love having added resistance to help me improve upon physical activities, and these RiffBANDZ turned out to be perfect.

The first pack I bought came with three individual resistance bands. You can use one for a little resistance, or all three for a bigger challenge. At one point, I bought an additional set so I could practice with six bands. That was way more difficult than just three! It definitely worked though. My fingers felt super nimble and were just flying all over the place once I took the bands off. This is what I did to keep my fingers in top notch playing shape to break my Guinness record again in HongKong.

For those of you who play fingerstyle on guitar, or play the bass with your fingers, you could even use these on your picking hand to build up strength and speed for picking faster.

Currently, I use my RiffBANDZ to get a super fast warmup for band practice and shows. Sometimes I'll wear them for an entire practice session to get a better workout. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve on their playing. Even if you aren't interested in playing super fast, RiffBANDZ are perfect for a speedy warmup and will definitely making playing anything easier.

Soon, I will have a video(s) up where I demonstrate using these. For now, check out guitarist George Adrian in this video to see the RiffBANDZ in action:

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